Thursday, May 14, 2009

Isn't this cute!

Brittany and Adam. They went to Empire Lakes to take some pictures too. They will have more pictures this weekend. North Bend Prom was just a trial run. They can't wait to go to HIS Prom. So we won't put to many pics of this one up. You can look when you come. But even though this was a trial run they both looked Awesome!!

I told you we took a lot of pictures. We made Richard kneel down and have Ash sit on his knee. They loved doing that! NOT! We made all of them do it.

This is Ashley's Richard. He is a great guy. Don't they look pretty. She was so funny that day. I think she was really nervous. She was shaking when we put her coursage on. But don't they look nice? We took lots of pictures here at the house, because prom was $50 at the door. That is outrageous! So, they didn't get pictures there.

It's Prom Time!!!

They had a great time! This is Brittany, Beth and Ashley! They spent all day getting ready. I only had to go to the store once. That is good. Brittany went to Adam's Grandmother's house for a Mother's Day dinner. Ashley and Richard went to Puerto Valerta for dinner. She loves mexican.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Brittany and Adam' California Day

Aren't they cute! They are just sooo silly.

Brittany and Adam went to California the other day. They went on some hikes and saw great big trees. This is them in CALIFORNIA. They had a great day. They have such fun together. Adam ended up getting a mohawk. It looks pretty good when it is spiked. Prom is coming up so we will get lots of pictures of that. They are going to both schools proms. This sat. is North Bend's. Next weekend is Marshfield's. A couple of weeks ago we went to Eugene to look for dresses. We ended up finding one for each of the girls. We have been shopping for shoes, flowers and hair things for weeks. It has been pretty fun. We hope the weather is good, because we have picnics planned. Pray for SUN!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Brittany's Surgery

Last August Britt broke her nose at cheer camp and the insides got all conbobbled and squished. She finally got her reconstructive surgery on Monday. It went well but she is still hurting pretty bad. Check out those black eyes!